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Welcome to Rodman Philbrick’s World of Adventure!

Welcome to the world of adventure in Rodman Philbrick’s books. Whether you are a young reader or an adult, there is sure to be a story that draws you in, challenges your thinking, and peaks your imagination.

Rodman Philbrick wrote his first novel when he was sixteen. His themes often present adventurous stories of individuals facing difficult challenges that must be overcome.

His first novels were for adults–thrillers, mysteries, detective stories, medical thrillers. It wasn’t until later that he wrote his first book for young readers, Freak the Mighty, that eventually led to the movie, The Mighty. Rod continues to write for young readers, and many of his books are used in classrooms around the country. His stories and engaging characters help spur discussions that relate to challenges in student lives, and help foster a love for reading.

With more than 40 published books to his credit, plus numerous short stories written as early as sixth grade, Rodman always loved to read and write. It started when he and his young brothers would act out stories they read in books.

His acclaim as a writer is exceptional and his awards and honors are numerous. Most notably, his detective stories for adults have been recognized by the prestigious Shamus Award for being among the best detective stories published. His books for young people have received countless honors, including the much sought after Newbery Honor. For a full list click on the Awards page.

Prompted by his publisher, in addition to publishing under his own name, he has also published under the pen names of William Dantz, W. R. Philbrick, and Chris Jordan.

Whether you are new to his books or already a fan, spend some time exploring a book you haven’t yet read. Sit back then and let the adventure begin!

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Wildfire is a Scholastic Book Fairs and Book Clubs featured title, published in 2019, that weaves a thrilling survival story about 12-year-old Sam forced to face a raging wildfire that threatens his life. Can he survive? Find out for yourself.    Amazon   B&N

Wild River is a gritty, suspenseful tale about a whitewater rafting trip that goes horribly wrong.
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Stay Alive is a novel that brings to life the excitement, danger, and horrors of the Donner Party’s journey west.

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Coming Soon!

We Own the Sky
We Own the Sky is a thrilling historical adventure about the rise of the KKK, targeting immigrants in Maine in 1924.

Davy and Jo Michaud have been recently orphaned. Taken in by a distant relative—a famous aviator—they are now working with a group of stunt pilots who spend their time wing walking, leaping from plane to plane, and flying through fireworks! But though the stunts are dangerous, the real threat is building behind the scenes.

When Davy and Jo cross paths with the Klan, they get tangled up in a terrible revenge plan. Can they escape with their lives?

Publication date:
September 6, 2022.

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