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Suggested Web Links is the creation of Rod's pool-shootin' pals Dennis Robinson and Tim Dubuque. The site has an interview with the author, a report from Toronto as 'The Mighty' was being filmed, and a couple of related items.

  • A Mighty Interview with Author Rod Philbrick
  • Artist Profile: Portrait of a Writer
  • Behind the Scenes of Freak the Mighty

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    If you're writing a report or working on a project, check these out:

  • Author Biography
  • Author Video Interview
  • 'Write A Book Review With Rodman Philbrick'
  • Book Central: Freak The Mighty


  • Movie Reviews of 'The Mighty'
  • Gillian Anderson Fan Page
  • Kieran Culkin Fan Page
  • The Mighty Fan Page
  • A Mighty Interview with Author Rod Philbrick
  • Behind the Scenes of Freak the Mighty

    Other Links:
  • Speaking Volumes Ė most of Rodís mysteries and thrillers are being republished in print and ebook by Speaking Volumes
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  • Audio Clip Summary: "Freak The Mighty"
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