Rodman Philbrick
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Dark Matter

Dark Matter cover Rod Philbrick on 'Dark Matter':

"It seemed only natural to take advantage of the latest technology to publish a brand-new novel about the latest technology. 'Dark Matter' is a suspense novel about the search for the essential, elemental stuff that holds the universe together. It has been published as a print-on-demand book through Clicking on the link below will take you to for a more specific description of the novel, which is available as a trade paperback, hardcover, or, if you prefer, electronic download.

This is my first departure from traditional publishing. Xlibris, owned by Random House, allows the author to have complete control over the design and cover, and retain all rights - not the case with traditional publishers!

If you prefer, it can also be ordered through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I can't guarantee you'll love the book - no author can promise that - but I can promise that it is well written." Link to "Dark Matter"