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In The Works
The Big Dark‘The Big Dark’, another thrilling adventure from Rodman Philbrick, was published in January of 2016. It asks the question, what would you do if electricity suddenly failed? If every cell phone, computer, and electrical circuit stopped functioning? When residents of a remote New Hampshire village gather to watch a spectacular display of the northern lights, no one expects to witness a cataclysmic solar event that will change their lives forever. With his hometown spiraling into chaos, Charlie Cobb sets off on a perilous journey to save his mother’s life, battling a bitter cold winter, a pack of starving coyotes, and a violent survivalist bent on seizing power.

Rod, who wrote many suspense novels for adults, just completed his first mystery for younger readers. ‘Who Killed Darius Drake?’ will be published in late 2017. The story introduces two intriguing characters: Arthur Bash, AKA Bash Man, who is not nearly as tough as he looks, and the genius orphan Darius Drake, obsessed with a long lost treasure that may hold the secret to his very existence.

The German language stage adaptation of ‘Freak The Mighty’ premiered at the Vienna, Austria, in 2015, to rave reviews.

Rod’s novel, ‘Zane and The Hurricane’ garnered many starred reviews 2014. Zane Dupree is a New Hampshire boy who happens to be visiting a long-lost relative in New Orleans when Katrina strikes and the levees fail, flooding the city. An exciting adventure ensues.

A 20th Anniversary hardcover edition of ‘Freak The Mighty’, first published in 1993, came out in the fall of 2013. The new edition includes an essay adapted from Rod’s ebook ‘Listening to Kids In America’.

Rod's recent Newbery Honor novel, 'The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg' is rip-roaring tale about a boy who sets off to find his brother in the thick of the Civil War, and eventually makes his way to the battlefields of Gettysburg. The book is available in paperback, hardcover, and audio editions. A highly acclaimed stage adaptation was presented in at the Kennedy Center in 2012.

‘Listening to Kids In America’, Rod’s reaction to letters from his young readers, has been published as a ebook, for download to your kindle, nook, or ebook reader. Now available at iTunes for your iPad, iPod or iPhone convenience. Go to iTunes, B&N, or amazon and search 'Rodman Philbrick'.

One and two-act play versions of 'Freak The Mighty' has been read or performed in many middle schools and high schools, and Rod continues to supply free copies to schools upon request. There is no charge for the play or for the performance. Send Rod your email and he'll send you a printable PDF file, simple as that.

Recent publications:

'The Big Dark', by Rodman Philbrick, Blue Sky Press.
View Cover || Link

'Zane and the Hurricane', by Rodman Philbrick, Blue Sky Press.
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'The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg', by Rodman Philbrick, Blue Sky Press.
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'The Fire Pony', an action-packed tale of two brothers, an extraordinary pony, and the secret they're all running from, is finally back in print!
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'The Young Man And The Sea', by Rodman Philbrick, Blue Sky Press
A starkly dramatic tale about a determined boy who refuses to give up, despite overwhelming odds. Available February 2004
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'Coffins', by Rodman Philbrick, TOR Books.
A tale of gothic horror set in a small Maine seaport on the eve of the Civil War.
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'The Journal Of Douglas Allen Deed' by Rodman Philbrick
a 'Dear America' Book published by Scholastic, Inc.
The doomed Donner Party expedition, as seen through the eyes of a fifteen-year-old. View Cover || Link

'REM World', by Rodman Philbrick,
an exciting fantasy adventure for young readers
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'Torn', a thriller featuring kid finder Randall Shane.
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