Rodman Philbrick
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Rod's Young Adult Novels
These should all be readily available through your local book store. If not, try the on-line LINK button for a variety of editions.

THE LAST BOOK IN THE UNIVERSE - Spaz, an abandoned epileptic, lives on postapocalyptic Earth, destroyed long ago by an earthquake. [ LINK]

THE YOUNG MAN AND THE SEA - A starkly dramatic tale about a determined boy who refuses to give up, despite overwhelming odds. [ LINK]

THE JOURNAL OF DOUGLAS ALLEN DEEDS - The doomed Donner Party expedition, as seen through the eyes of a fifteen-year-old. [ LINK]

REM World - An exciting fantasy adventure for young readers [ LINK]

FREAK THE MIGHTY - The strange and wonderful adventures of Max and Kevin, a pair of oddball outsiders who combine their strengths to become 'Freak The Mighty'. Hardcover & various paperback editions [ LINK]

THE MIGHTY - Miramax changed the title, but this movie tie-in edition contains the exact text of 'Freak The Mighty'. Includes a color photo insert of scenes from the movie. [ LINK]

THE FIRE PONY - The action-packed tale of two brothers, an extraordinary pony, and the secret they're all running from. Hardcover & paperback [ LINK]

MAX THE MIGHTY - The further adventures of Maxwell Kane. This is the sequel to 'Freak The Mighty'. Hardcover & paperback [ LINK]