Rodman Philbrick
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Books Co-authored by
Rod Philbrick & Lynn Harnett

Rod Philbrick and his wife, Lynn Harnett, have co-authored many books for young readers. These stories are intended to be light, easy reading, with enough thrills and chills to keep even reluctant readers turning the page. Once again, please try your local book store before resorting to the on-line LINK button.

THE HOUSE ON CHERRY STREET: The Haunting, The Horror, The Final Nightmare - A classic haunted house tale told in three volumes. Jason and little sister Sally spend the summer in a house of dark secrets that can only be revealed by the ghost of a young boy. [LINK 1 ~ LINK 2 ~ LINK 3]

THE WEREWOLF CHRONICLES: Night Creature, Children of the Wolf, The Wereing - "I am a monster. Listen and I will tell you how the wereing began, and how I was raised by wolves, and what happened in a place called Fox Hollow." [LINK 1 ~ LINK 2 ~ LINK 3]

VISITORS: Strange Invaders, Things, Brain Stealers - Three friends battle mysterious alien invaders who take over their homes, their school, their town. [LINK 1 ~ LINK 2 ~ LINK 3]

ABDUCTION - Luke and Mandy are mystified by strange events in their lives, and in their town. They finally realize they've been abducted by aliens...but by then it may be too late. [LINK]