Rodman Philbrick
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writing as “W. R. Philbrick”
If you're interested in purchasing one of his books, Rod Philbrick urges you to check with your local book store first. If the copy is not in stock, the good folks at your book store may be able to order for quick delivery. If all else fails, try the on-line LINK button.

SLOW DANCER - A Connie Kale investigation. A professional golfer quits the LGPA and returns home to investigate the murder of a childhood friend. [LINK]

SHADOW KILLS - The first J.D.Hawkins mystery. Hawkins is a wheelchair bound writer being stalked - and taunted - by a mysterious serial killer. All four books in the series are now hard to find. Check your library. [LINK]
ICE FOR THE ESKIMO The second Hawkins mystery [LINK]
PAINT IT BLACK The third Hawkins mystery
mass paperback publication, July '99 [LINK]
WALK ON THE WATER The fourth and final Hawkins mystery [LINK]

The T.D.Stash Crime Adventure series
Set in Key West. T.D.Stash is a professional fishing guide and an unlicensed detective. Rod got the idea for the series after he and Lynn built a houseboat in the Keys and saw the local denizens up close and personal. The research on these stories somehow always involved going fishing, which may be why Rod came up with the idea in the first place! Alas, all three books are now out of print and very hard to find.
THE NEON FLAMINGO A kidnaping, a country music star, and a psycho loose in the mangroves. [LINK]
THE CRYSTAL BLUE PERSUASION A con man, an underwater treasure hunt, and a hurricane. Hard to beat. Nominated 'Best paperback' by Private Eye Writers of America. [LINK]
TOUGH ENOUGH Rapacious developers, killer alligators, a murderous femme fatale, and an eight-year-old girl who is 'tough enough' to take on her mother's killers - with the help of our intrepid hero. Set in Key West and the Everglades. [LINK]