Rodman Philbrick
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writing as “William R. Dantz”
Rod used this pen name for four thrillers, all of which had a medical or scientific premise.

PULSE In the remote frozen hills of Maine, a top group of scientists gather under a cloak of secrecy. The brilliant young female pathologist who investigates the horrifying situation eerily predates Scully of The X Files'. [LINK]

THE SEVENTH SLEEPER drops you deep into the mysterious Santeria underworld in Miami as Dr. Sara Copley tries to find out why comotose zombies keep turning up on the streets of Miami. This one has a villain at least as creepy as Hannibal Lector. [LINK]

HUNGER Florida Keys setting. Isurus maximus are intelligent, murderous mako sharks genetically 'improved' and able to communicate like dolphin. Reissued in June '99 in paperback [LINK]

NINE LEVELS DOWN John Chester Marlon, the notorious 'Subway Killer' volunteers for a brain implant that's supposed to control his violence. Let the terror begin...
mass paperback publication, July '99